Why is the Yahoo Mail login page not loading?

27 October 2021

Yahoo mail has become one of the best email services and it will take care of your email requirements using exciting features and an easy-to-use interface. Log in to a Yahoo mail account is very simple as one will need to open a trusted web browser and go to mail.yahoo.com and enter the login credentials to sign in to your account.

Introduction to Yahoo Mail Login Page not loading

Every issue has some causes and the same goes with the Yahoo mail login page not loading issue. There are some instances when the Yahoo mail server is down and hence, the users aren’t able to sign in to their account as the Yahoo login page fails to load. Well, not in all cases does it happen as there are some more reasons behind this error and we will discuss all of them one by one to get rid of this issue.

Why is the Yahoo Mail login page not loading?

What causes Yahoo Login Page not loading issue?

Either calls it Yahoo Mail Sign-in or login page, if it won’t load then, you won’t be able to get access to your account. Hence, let’s move ahead with the reasons due to which the login page fails to load.

• Loaded Browser’s cache
• An old browser version
• Too many opened tabs and programs on PC
• Disabled JavaScript
• Antivirus, antispyware, and firewall blocking Yahoo login page
• Issue from Browser’s end

Methods to get rid of the login page of Yahoo not loading

Any of the above-mentioned lists are behind login page loading failure and this is the reason we will move ahead with each of them one by one to get rid of the Yahoo Sign-in page loading issue.

Method 1- Clear Browser’s Cache

Most of the users use Chrome to sign in to Yahoo mail and hence, the first thing one should do is to clear the browser’s cache, and for that,

• Open Chrome on your device
• Click on More (three-dot icon) appears at the top right
• Click on More tools and clear the browsing data
• Select a time range that appears at the top to delete everything and choose All Time
• Check the boxes that appear next to ‘Cookies and other site data and ‘cached images and files

In the end, click on Clear Data and check if the Yahoo sign in page is now loading. If still not then, move ahead with the next method.

Method 2- Update Browser to the newest one

Installing a new update of the Chrome browser will help to fix the Yahoo login page issue so,

• Open Chrome on your PC and click on More
• Click on Update Google Chrome
• If you don’t have this option then, you are on the advanced version
• When you are done then, click on Relaunch and you are all set

Method 3- Conduct a Restart of PC

Sometimes Yahoo login page fails to load because of too many opened tabs and programs on the PC. Hence, it is advisable to restart your PC and check if the error is fixed now.

Method 4- Enable JavaScript in Chrome

If JavaScript in Chrome is not activated then, the user might get stuck to loading Yahoo sign-in page so-

• Go to Chrome and then go to Settings
• Click on Security and Privacy
• Go to Site Settings and click on JavaScript
• Enable the JavaScript by toggling the switch to turn on
• Turn the Browser Enhancements off

Antivirus, antispyware, and firewall blocking Yahoo login page

Method 5- Disable Antivirus, and firewall products temporarily

If there are antivirus, or firewall programs behind yahoo page login failure then, disabling it on a temporary basis will work. When you disable such a security software program, you should check if the problem still persists. If not then, it is security software programs behind this error and hence, disables it until you are done with the Yahoo mail work.

Method 6- Reset Browser to Default Settings

You easily can reset the browser to the default settings and for that, all you have to do is to-

• Open Chrome browser on your PC
• Click on More (three-dot) icon appears at the top-right corner
• Choose Settings and then, click on Advanced appears at the bottom

These are a few fixings if the Yahoo login page is not loading. Check the issue and follow the methods one by one to ensure why the issue occurs.