What solutions are for Yahoo mail not working on android 2021?

17 November 2021

Yahoo mail is one such service that you can use on any device or operating system the service is very well compatible with all types of devices as well as operating systems. But yes as with the email service we can say that there are so many technologies as well as features associated with the setup. So, when it comes to the Yahoo mail service it can be said that there are certain glitches and errors that the user can fix but certainly cannot avoid them and Yahoo mail not working on android is one such issue. But there is nothing to worry about here further we will see how the user can deal with this.

Yahoo mail app not working

Yes, if Yahoo mail will not work on android then that would mean that the Yahoo mail application has some issues that are to be fixed. So, before jumping to the solutions here further we will see the common issues that the user may get to face while using the Yahoo mail application.

What solutions are for Yahoo mail not working on android 2021?

Common Yahoo mail app-related issues

The list of the common Yahoo mail app-related issues goes as follows

• Yahoo mail app not loading
• Yahoo mail not receiving emails on android
• Yahoo mail crashing
• Unable to access some features
• Not able to sign in Yahoo mail application
• Yahoo mail app not connecting to the network
• Incoming emails not appearing in the inbox
• Problems with the sending of Yahoo mail attachments
• Problems can be with the Yahoo account security key
• Problem with the updating of the app

But just knowing the list of the issues will not help the user in any manner, further, it is also required for the user to know the solutions for all these issues and errors.

Application not functioning

If this is the case, then in order to get this particular problem fixed the user will need to follow the steps given below:

Get the app version updated: There are chances that the application has not been updated properly, so you should first, of all check that and see how you can get the application updated to the latest version.

Cache and cookies clearance: Also, the problem of the Yahoo mail app not working can be because of the cache and cookies issues for a resolution to that you should get them all cleared.

Device Restart: Yes, you may not be able to understand the connection between the two but, conducting a restart on the device may help you in creating more space, through that space, the app will be able to work efficiently.

Application Reinstallation: If none of the above points help, then as the last resort you are advised to conduct a reinstallation after a proper removal of the application from the device.

Yahoo mail app sign-in issue

In order to resolve the issue of the Yahoo mail app sign in you can follow b the steps given below and thus you can get it all done.

Change registered phone number: This is the first hack that the user should try for fixing the issue.

• For this to be done you will need to follow the steps given below:
• Sign in Yahoo mail account from the browser
• Next, click on “profile name”
• Then move to account info and account security
• From the account security tab choose “phone numbers”
• After this choose “Add recovery phone number”
• Then in the field that appears you are advised to enter the new phone number and then click on “send SMS”
• After entering the account key click on “verify”

Other than this if, there is some other app-related issue that you are facing while using the Yahoo mail application on android then for a fix to that there is another set of steps that you will have to follow.

For a fix to other issues you will need to follow the given steps:

• Removing and then re-adding Yahoo mail account
• Doing manual configure of the Yahoo mail account settings
• The Yahoo server status is also to be checked

So, this is all related to the problem of the Yahoo mail app not working on android on the device, one out of all the given solutions would surely help with the fix of the problem.


All the solutions as they have been discussed here, there is nothing that is not easy to conduct, but still for smooth conduct of it one would need to have a certain amount of technical knowledge. If it would not be there then fixing the problem and then further using the application may become a problem for the user, well for helping in that case you should take help from the technical team.