How to restrict Yahoo Mail Notification on Mobile from prompting?

29 September 2021

The best way to communicate in the present times is through the various email services that are available for the users to use; there can be nothing faster than an email service for the solution to the purpose of communication, all the emails are known for getting themselves updated and becoming more and more advanced with each passing day, there are so many mobile-friendly apps that have made emailing through mobile an easy thing for the users.

Yahoo mail notification prompting on mobile:

Here in the blog, we will only focus on the workings related to the Yahoo mail app as that is what the title here demands; it is the Yahoo mail app that has made things very easy for those who are using Yahoo mail service on the mobile phone. In the case of all of those users, it has become very easy to access and to read all the emails through the mobile.

How to restrict Yahoo Mail Notification on Mobile from prompting?

There are so many features that are there associated with the Yahoo mail app for mobile, but here for now we will discuss Yahoo mail notification prompting on the mobile feature. The feature may appear useful to a certain lot of people but also it may appear wastage to a major number of Yahoo mail app users. It is so as this feature would not only waste the internet data but also it would affect the battery life of the device.

Disable Yahoo mail notification on mobile from prompting:

So, we have discussed above some reasons that may push the user to get the given Yahoo mail pp feature disabled, so here further in the blog, we will see how the user can get it done in an easy manner following the right set of steps.

The steps for disabling Yahoo mail notification on mobile from prompting are as follows:

• On the yahoo mail app the user will have to press the menu button that is usually given in the top left corner
• Next, the user is advised to scroll down to the bottom from there to open settings
• In the next step, you will need to scroll down and will have to choose “notifications”
• The user will then be able to turn off 2 notifications “News” and mail

Customization for each account: The user can also get the notifications customized as per the need.

Vibration and sound picking: The users can also choose a particular sound for Yahoo mail notifications on the app as per their own choice, or they can simply put the phone on vibration.

Exit from the app: once all of this is done, the user can then easily take an exit from the application, once the user will turn off the push notification feature of the Yahoo mail service that is there in the app the user will no longer get notification prompts on the screen.

The last thoughts:

This is how the user can prevent the yahoo mail app notifications from appearing on the screen, the user will then be able to save the internet data and also the battery life of the device that is in use. People are advised to read the guide very carefully and are further advised to apply the steps given in the guide very carefully. Reading the guide is really going to help people in various ways.