Yahoo mail unable to receive email on mobile device

15 April 2021

We all know very well the popularity of the Yahoo mail service, there are many other services also that are available for the easy and smooth exchange of emails, but out of all those people are still seen giving preference to the Yahoo mail service as other than the easy exchange of emails there is much more that is associated with the workings and features of the mail service.

But as there are so many technologies and features that are associated with the workings of the Yahoo mail service, sometimes it happens that the users do get stuck into some or other issue, such as for now, here in the blog we will see what can be done if Yahoo mail not receiving mail on the mobile device.

Yahoo mail unable to receive email on mobile device

Application Update: The user should see if one needs, to get the Yahoo mail application updated, in some cases the problem occurs due to the application being outdated once the application will be updated it will then be fixed.

The user should also try fixing the problem by signing out of the application and then by signing in it again, most probably the problem would be fixed and the Yahoo mail application will then be working fine on the device.

If even after this the problem remains then in that case, the user should get the application removed from the device and the application should then be installed again.

In order to remove the application from the device the user should follow the steps as given below:

• On the home screen of the device, the user should choose “settings “
• Next, the user should click on “apps”
• From the list of applications, the user should choose “remove”
• Next, the user needs to click “uninstall”
• At last, the user will have to click “ok”

After this for installing the application on the system once again the user should follow the steps as given below:

• The user will have to open the Google play store on the device
• In the search field, the user should enter the application name
• Next to yahoo, the user should click on the “install app”
• App permission dialog box will then appear
• The app permissions should be accepted

So, this is all the information related to the resolution of the mail receiving problem on the mobile device, for knowing more the user should get in touch with the team of technicians they can be reached for the required help at Yahoo Customer Care Phone Number UK. Also, the experts could be asked for help through live chats and emails there is no such issue related to the service that could not be given a fix by the experts.

Other than the problem of email receiving the problem can be related to anything else as well but all the possible issues can be fixed easily through the help of the technicians, the technicians are capable of providing instant as well as most accurate solutions.