What can I do to fix Yahoo not receiving messages from Facebook?

06 January 2022

Yahoo mail is known for having excellent features that make it famous across the world. Now people trust this email service and start linking their Facebook account with Yahoo mail. Linking email service is mandatory for password change or reset or any account details customization. There might be a chance when you don’t receive messages on Yahoo from your Facebook account. It will happen when you are resetting password or any other account details. We will discuss the ways to fix Yahoo not receiving messages from Facebook in a few steps.

Troubleshooting Yahoo Not Receiving Emails from Facebook

It is very simple to follow the methods to fix Yahoo not receiving emails from the Facebook issue. Just move ahead with the steps which we have discussed.

What can I do to fix Yahoo not receiving messages from Facebook?

Troubleshooting 1- Check Email Filters on Yahoo Account

There might be a chance that you are receiving the email but that goes into a different mailbox because of filters. The in-mail filter might sometimes restrict emails from Facebook on the Yahoo account. Well, the filters can be advantageous for you to separate the emails according to priority. Sometimes they can block the important ones in the Yahoo account. Just follow the steps to delete the filters and resolve the issue.

• Access Yahoo Mail account and find the account’s Settings icon and then, click on it for more Settings options
• There you have to choose the filter tab and click on each filter one-by-one. After that, choose the Delete option to remove them
• Now, you can see that you easily can receive emails into the Yahoo inbox from Facebook only

If you still aren’t able to receive the email then, you will need to move ahead with the next methods to fix it.

Troubleshooting 2- Fix Browser Issue

Sometimes an old version of the web browser can also be a reason behind Yahoo not receiving emails. Apart from this, these cache files and junk in the web browser can be another reason for the same issue. You also can delete the cache files in the web browser and install all available updates. If you use Chrome then, you easily can move ahead with the steps that are available below.

Troubleshooting 3- Delete Junk from Web Browser

It is very simple to clean junk from the Chrome web browser and for that, you have to follow the steps-
• First and foremost, open Chrome and then click on the More option and choose More Tools

There you have to scroll to move ahead with the option Clear Browsing data. Then, choose All Time and choose both the “Cookies and other site data” and “cached files and images” options. Now, you should click on Clear Data

Troubleshooting 4- Install Chrome Update

You will need to update the Chrome web browser and for that, you have to follow the steps available below.

• Open Chrome and click on More. Now, choose Update Google Chrome
• This is the time to choose Re-launch
• When the update is successful then, you should now be able to receive emails on Yahoo Mail.

If you have tried both of the steps and still the issue persists then, there is something else behind this issue.

Resolution for Yahoo Not Receiving Message

Method 1- Use Resend Button

There is an option called Resend that appears on the screen and it means to send the link again. If you weren’t able to get the verification code then, click on the “Resend” option. Check the SMS or email account to ensure if there is any message there.

Method 2- Clear SMS Space on Mobile

If you request to send SMS on the Mobile from Yahoo then, clear the SMS space on the Mobile-first. It is advisable to delete the unwanted messages and fix the memory issue immediately. Now, you will need to clear the SMS space before clicking on the “Resend” option.

Method 3- Check Phone Number r Recovery Detail

It is advisable to check the phone number or recovery detail. This is because an incorrect number won’t be able to send a verification code. An incorrect or landline number won’t be able to receive a verification code. Also, if the email address is incorrect then, one cannot receive code on the account. Correct it then and there and send the verification code.

Method 4- Check Yahoo Mail Server Status

It is highly suggested to check the server status of Yahoo Mail. In case, if there is any disturbance in the Yahoo server, you won’t be able to receive the code. This is advisable to check the server status from the official Twitter account of Yahoo. If it is weak then, wait unless it is successfully repaired.

Here you are all set and now be able to receive messages from your Facebook account. Make sure that you have a good connection and ensure to use an updated version of the mail app and Facebook. You also can contact Yahoo Helpline UK to get in touch with the experts for any help.