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Can I deal with Yahoo Proxy Server Issues?

25 October 2021

Using Yahoo Mail for chatting with customers can be a perfect way to communicate. Yahoo mail installation procedure is done with the Web proxy settings that actually seem that there is nothing to block access to the Internet. If there is a Web Proxy server installed on the company network then, it might block Yahoo access.

Yahoo and Proxy Servers

The work of Web Proxy servers is to keep the company network secured from external virus attacks and they also block some programs from getting connected to the Internet by using an insecure connection which might be used to break into the company network. If the user is stuck with Yahoo Proxy Server Issues then, they have to configure the Yahoo Messenger connection by using the Web proxy settings.

Can I deal with Yahoo Proxy Server Issues?

Steps to fix Yahoo proxy Server Issues

• First of all, log out of Yahoo Messenger if you are signed in
• Click on ‘Messenger’ in the required field and click on ‘Connection Preferences’
• Then, click on ‘Connect through a proxy server’ and then click on ‘HTTP Proxy’ and click on Ok
• It will configure Yahoo Messenger for using the same proxy settings as IE (Internet Explorer)
• This is the time to sign in to Yahoo messenger again to check the proxy Settings

Follow the steps to fix the proxy server issue linked with Yahoo by following this simple step. If the error still persists then move ahead with the methods to get rid of this issue.

What are the methods to troubleshoot Yahoo Proxy Errors?

There are a few methods that will help to troubleshoot the Yahoo Proxy errors and for that-

Upgrade Web Browser

First of all, install the update the browser to ensure if you are compatible with the Yahoo services. Applications like Mail require JavaScript to work with an updated browser that might not work properly if your browser is not updated. All of the updated browsers automatically update to the PC when you start them, but you still can go to the browser’s website to ensure that you are using an up-to-date version.

Add Yahoo as Trusted Site on Browser

There might be a possibility that your Yahoo has marked an un-trusted website and you can add a trusted site via the ‘Internet Options’ menu on the ‘Security’ and click on the ‘Trusted Sites’, that appears in the ‘Sites’ section. While using Chrome, you have to enter ‘Sites’ into the search bar and click on the Content Settings to change the cookies and content which are acceptable.

• Click on the Firefox menu using Firefox and then, click on ‘Options’ and the security tab. Enter the URL for Yahoo Messenger to access it.

Set New Rule for Windows Firewall

Settings a new rule for Windows Firewall will allow to access Yahoo messenger. The Firewall security will block the third-party programs to prevent risks. Click on the Start menu and open the search bar to enter ‘Firewall’ and click on Windows Firewall. Then, the ‘Outbound Rules’ option is followed by the ‘New Rule’ to add Yahoo Messenger as an accepted program.

Add the custom control which allows the file path for Messenger to access the web by clicking on the ‘Browse’ option and then, double-click on the ‘.exe’ file.

Disable Proxies

If you are using a proxy to keep your office network protected from external virus infection then, disable it and move to the public browsing techniques. If you are browsing through the proxy server then, there are some of the configurations that might affect whether Yahoo messenger will be able to show. Proxies can limit the access to those websites by using JavaScript which actually use the HTTP protocol that might also block you from getting Yahoo Mail access login screen.

Wrap Up-

The main issues of the Yahoo Proxy Server are now fixed but make sure that you have a good internet connection. Updated Yahoo version is recommended to log in to your mail account.